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Director recently opened up to The Huffington Post about what it was like to have his Spider-Man 4 replaced by Sony with 's The Amazing Spider-Man reboot...and why he won't be watching it, but not for the reasons you might think:

I'm a big Marc Webb fan and a giant fan of . And of ...And I love the producers of that movie because they are dear friends, and the writer. But, I haven't had the guts to go see the movie yet. Because I don't want to go to my girlfriend's wedding. I just can't bring myself to do it. I don't have the guts. But, I hear it's great. My wife even loved the picture and said it was a wonderful, excellently produced, beautifully acted, brilliantly written Spider-Man picture. She'd tell me the truth and that's what she said.

Indeed, Raimi is satisfied they've passed the franchise to the right person, and is proud of what Webb had built from his foundation:

I think I handed the torch to Marc and I hear that he ran with it and succeeded and made a brilliant picture. I'm happy for him and all the team. And I only wish him the best and I salute them because it's a tough job, too. And obviously he's pleased the fans -- so, I'm proud for him.

Considering he has every reason to have sour grapes about it, what a gracious guy he has been regarding his successor. No bitterness on his end, just lots of personal and professional admiration, a Hollywood rarity.

Do you think Raimi's trilogy won't be beaten, or do you think Webb's work will eventually stand the test of time as the best Spider-Man movies?

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