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As summer begins to wind down, and fall waits around the corner, many of us begin to turn our attention to horror films. Truth be told, there's never a season in which I'm not focusing on horror films. Still, today an interesting rumor has surfaced regarding MGM's Poltergeist remake. It appears that (Seven Psychopaths) is in contention for the lead male role. He would be playing the patriarch of the Bowen family, the folks besieged by an angry ghost. He would essentially be playing the role from the original. (Monster House) will be directing from a script by (Oz The Great and Powerful). Rockwell was apparently attracted to the idea of working on the film due to 's involvement as producer and is now purportedly the studio's top choice.

I like Sam Rockwell a lot. He has amassed a laundry list of stellar performances over the years and is consistently fascinating to watch on screen. That said, I've never really thought of Sam Rockwell as ideal for an "every man" type role and that is precisely the character he would be playing here. He just seems a little too edgy and intense for a role like this. Then again, we don't know for certain whether the remake is going to be exactly like the original so perhaps the character qualities will be different.

What do you guys think?

Source: The Wrap


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