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Game of Thrones Season 7 was full of revelations, setting in motion the events that will bring the legendary series to an end. The season finale finally served fans confirmation regarding the show's biggest unkept secret: Jon Snow's true identity.

As Bran confirmed though his three-eyed raven abilities, Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. After showing up in Winterfell, Sam informed Bran that Jon was no bastard at all — because, according to diaries of High Septon Maynard, Rhaegar's previous marriage was annulled, so his union with Lyanna was legitimate.

The only problem is, Sam was not the one to find this significant detail; it was Gilly in a previous episode. And fans are NOT pleased that she didn't receive credit.

Fans were already mad at Sam. As Gilly read the diary, detailing an event of an annulment involving the Targaryen — in the season's fifth episode, "Eastwatch" — Sam hushed her, despite the the monumental moment regarding Jon's genealogy. The fact that Jon is truly Aegon Targaryen, the valid heir to the Iron Throne, changes everything. So it was odd for Sam to act as though he exposed this key piece of information without mentioning Gilly.

It could be possible that Sam just found no point in mentioning Gilly's involvement, but some fans were a bit annoyed that she didn't receive recognition for uncovering the show's biggest secret.

Sam has always been one of the most genuine and heartfelt characters on the series, and we all know he truly loves Gilly. Let's hope that when Jon returns to Winterfell, Sam can share the full scoop on how he and Gilly uncovered the major detail. One thing is for certain: we can't wait to see the looks on Jon and Dany's face after the news is revealed in Season 8.

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