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Mark Newton

We may not have seen a whole lot recently, but the star of Avatar and Clash of the Titans certainly has some exciting projects on the horizon.

He's down to appear in Civil War drama The Keeping Room, as well as beside in Sabotage. If that's not enough he's also starring in in the upcoming Iraq War tank-athon Thunder Run and as Jake Sully in James Cameron's scifi epic, Avatar 2. So, Worthington certainly has a lot of work coming his way, but perhaps you've noticed one glaringly obvious omission.

That's right, at the moment, it seems like is a no-go. When asked by Collider if Worthington would be resurrecting his performance as Perseus in the mythical maelstrom, the actor simply replied:

I don't think so. I loved working with Ralph [Fiennes] and Liam [Neeson], especially. But, who knows. I'd love to work with those boys again, on something.

This perhaps isn't terribly surprising. Although Clash of the Titans made some serious bank back in 2010, its 2012 sequel Wrath of the Titans performed no where near as impressively, especially with domestic audiences.

But what do you think? Was you hoping to see Perseus return, or are you glad this mythical tale has been forgotten? Let me know below.


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