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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
Elle McFarlane

It's a cold cut World, but sometimes you just gotta loaf to keep from ryeing. Having already starred alongside Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Steve Buscemi, played the joint-lead in the most exhilarating bus action-thriller to date and become the unlikely pinup girl of the '90s, a young Sandra Bullock decided that 1996 was the year to make a movie about her greatest passion: Sandwiches.

It's a little known fact that shortly after wrapping up A Time to Kill in 1996, Bullock wrote, produced, stared in and directed a forty minute short featuring Matthew McConaughey, Eric Roberts and Beth Grant called Making Sandwiches. The movie was shot entirely in Ventura California, was accepted to both Sundance and the Austin Film Festivals and has one of the best movie taglines ever:

In the movie McConaughey, who was currently being raised to stardom after his performance in Dazed and Confused, plays Bullocks's husband and the co-partner of their boardwalk sandwich shop which faces true peril when an upmarket coffee shop opens up next door. Sandra is quoted in Spotlight as saying that the short is all about her "theory of life and relationships" but that it also provided her with a "good excuse to hang out with friends" — having just stared alongside Matthew in A Time to Kill.

Making Sandwiches: Sandra Bullock & Matthew McConaughey
Making Sandwiches: Sandra Bullock & Matthew McConaughey

Channeling her inner life coach/inner dementor, Sandra went on to explain that Making Sandwiches came into being because:

But ultimately, the movie was an exercise for Sandra who wanted to "educate herself" about life behind the camera where, as she told Readers Digest, she discovered that while she has a passion for producing and acting, she doesn't have the natural gift for directing. But hey, at the end of the day, the yeast you can do is give it a try, right?


Does discovering that Sandra made a movie about sandwiches make you love her more or less?


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