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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Sandra 'can do no wrong' Bullock is listed to star in the Oceans Eleven spin-off Ocean's Eight, set to be released at the end of 2017.The movie is all lined up to star a plethora of female Hollywood stars. Already confirmed are Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna and Mindy Kaling and we can't wait to see all these ladies in action.

We must admit though, Bullock is the one we're really yearning to see because we have no doubt she shall be the ultimate star of the whole movie and here are all the reasons why:

1. She's Stands Up For Her Girls

In a movie with an all female cast, we're hoping for some real girl power and to see the fierce females working together and supporting each other. Something Bullock can definitely do:

Don't mess with Sandra's girls, she will come for you!

2. She'd Be One Hell Of A Getaway Driver

A heist is one thing, but you'll need a getaway driver who's not afraid of Speed, if Sandra can drive a bus over a gap, with the threat of a bomb detonation, she can drive anything.

Giving us serious '90s hair throwback along with some explosive action, isn't Sandra everyone's hero?

3. She Can Give Us Raw Emotion

As an Oscar winning actress, you better believe she can evoke all the emotions known to mankind, and she makes it all look so easy. With such an epic cast, the movie is already set to be full of talented acting, we just hope they get to showcase their abilities properly.

Bullock says everything with just that one look and it tears us apart. If you didn't feel the slightest bit of sadness watching that, you're dead inside!

4. George Clooney Has Essentially Cleared Space To Let Sandra Shine Through

We like to think Gravity foreshadowed the Ocean's Eight movie and this was George telling Sandra, "It's ok, it's your baby now!".

George realizes he has done all he can and passes the torch, sacrificing himself at the same time. We understand Sandra's concern in carrying on the legacy, but we feel she's up to it. It's written in the stars.

5. She Can Dance, If The Movie Requires It At Any Point

We don't yet know what's going to happen in the movie, but a dance number never hurt anyone.

Sandra has got the moves and don't pretend you didn't try to learn this when you got the DVD!

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6. She Can Play Dirty

We love it when Bullock plays dirty, and isn't afraid to be ugly. She's quite the chameleon, which may come in handy if she has to assume a false identity in the up-coming movie.

It's not all glamour and gowns for Bullock, she can muck in and grunge up when required. Hands up if you wanted a beer after watching that.

7. Her Comedic Timing Is Brilliant, Even When Naked

It's not just hard hitting drama from Sandra, her comedy timing is wonderful and she cracks us up every time. The spin-off may well need some comic relief, and Bullock could be the one to provide that.

Ryan Reynolds, you got to rub against the screen goddess Sandra! Maybe some of her talent rubbed off?

8. Sandra Is Not Afraid Of Taboo Subjects

Bullock is able to use her acting ability to shed light on issues that may be seldom talked about, and for that, Sandra, we thank you. We're hoping that just because it's an all female cast it's not all unicorns and fluff, we want to see the ladies challenged and giving Oscar worthy performances.

Hard hitting and no nonsense acting from Bullock there, she dealt with an awkward subject whilst playing both the victim and the bad guy.

9. It's Not Girl's Night In Until Sandra Arrives

Sandra, it seems can hold her liquor and enjoys nothing more than some drinks with her girls. We'll drink to that. Maybe the Ocean's ladies will get to toast a mission completed?

We wanna do margaritas with the Bullock, all together now, "you put the lime in the coconut!" Sandra is definitely one of the girls and a night in with Sandra looks pretty damn fun because of that.

10. Stunts And Sex Appeal

Sandra was named People's Most Beautiful Woman in 2015 and we can certainly see why. In a movie like Ocean's there needs to be some sex appeal. Clooney, Pitt and Roberts brought it in the other movies, now Bullock needs to raise temperatures in the spin-off.

Gosh, if we look like that at forty nine years old, we'd be ecstatic. Sandra looks flawless, she throws herself around effortlessly. We salute you.

11. She's A Lady

Not one to involve herself in scandals, Sandra is poised, elegant and respectable. A true Hollywood star, the perfect person to lead the Ocean's spin-off.

Sandra Bullock represents all the Gracie Harts of the world and we love her for it. She's got style, she's got grace, and she gets the job done!

We shall have to wait and see what Ocean's Eight brings, but we're sure with Sandra at the helm and the support of her fabulous female cast, it's going to be one to remember.

Are you looking forward to Sandra's role in Ocean's Eight?


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