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Q: What do Marilyn Monroe, Kristen Chenoweth, Babe Ruth, Michael Bay, Ray Liotta, Frances McDormand, Steve Jobs and Faith Hill all have in common?

A: They were all adopted.

Frankly, it seems like a no brainer. With a surplus of children without a home, and a surplus of adults who want to become parents, it seems like a win-win, right? Although, unfortunately, this is not the case. With the adoption process often being perceived as a long, laborious and at times, heartbreaking journey, many prospective parents are put off even considering it as an option.

Thankfully however, this is not true for everyone and as these celebs prove, adoption can be a truly magical way of completing a family, in whatever form it may take.

1. Viola Davis & Daughter, Genesis

In October of 2011, shortly after she finished filming The Help, Viola Davis and her husband Julius Tennon adopted their daughter Genesis when she was just a year old.

2. Sharon Stone & Her Three Sons

Over the past fifteen years, Sharon Stone has adopted three sons. The first, Roan, she adopted with her ex-husband Phil Bronstein at only a week old, but after a stroke and a brain hemorrhage, she eventually lost custody of him to Bronstein. Later she adopted Laird and Quinn on her own.

3. Kristin Davis & Daughter Gemma Rose

The Sex and the City star took after her character, Charlotte, and also ended up adopting. In 2011 she became Gemma Rose's mother, and told People magazine:

"This is something I have wanted for a very long time. Having this wish come true is even more gratifying than I ever had imagined. I feel so blessed.”

4. Sandra Bullock, Son Louis & Daughter Laila

Back in 2010, Sandra adopted baby boy Louis after four years of paperwork, and in December 2015 she adopted daughter Laila who was three and a half and had previously been living with a foster family in Louisiana. Talking to Access Hollywood Sandra said:

“It’s like she’s always been there. It’s like [Louis’] been waiting for her. Nothing has changed and everything has changed, but it’s not different.”

5. Hugh Jackman, Son Oscar & Daughter Ava

Hugh Jackman and his wife of twenty years, Deborra-Lee Furness have two adopted children, Oscar and Ava. In an interview with Access Hollywood he said of their decision to adopt two mixed-race children:

"Mixed-race babies have such a hard time being adopted that Deb and I checked off that box specifically when we were filling out our forms. Our lawyer brought the form back to us and said, "This is not the time to be politically correct. Are you sure this is what you want?" We were definite about it. Adoption is about taking a baby into your home — and your heart. It's the best thing we've ever done."

6. Charlize Theron, Son Jackson & Daughter August

The star of the upcoming Fast 8 movie, Charlize adopted Jackson in March 2012 from her native South Africa, and he was joined by his sister August in July 2015. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Charlize revealed that the process of adopting August was a family decision between her and Jackson:

"He was like, 'It has to be a sister, Mom. It has to be a sister. I was like, 'That's not really how it works. You're going to get what you get and you don't get upset.' When we got the good news that it was a little girl, we were really happy, and then he went, 'Can I now have a brother?' I was like, 'Pipe it! Pipe it!'"

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7. Michelle Pfeiffer & Daughter Claudia

Michelle adopted her daughter Claudia in 1993 from birth. In that same year she married her husband David E. Kelley who then also adopted Claudia.

8. Roise O'Donnell & Sons Parker & Blake And Daughters Chelsea and Dakota

In 1995 Rosie adopted Parker, her first son with then partner Kelli Carpenter. The coupled then adopted Chelsea and Blake and had a daughter, Vivienne through artificial insemination. After the couple split, Rosie began dating Michelle Rounds and the couple adopted daughter Dakota in 2013 who can be seen asking Rosie about her getting her hair dyed above.

9. Katherine Heigl & Daughters Naleigh and Adalaide

After traveling to South Korea in 2009 with husband Josh Kelley to adopt Naleigh, the couple went on to adopt daughter Adalaide in April 2012, also from South Korea. However, talking to Popsugar the Knocked Up star also stated:

"We still talk about having biological children as well. I'm not ruling anything out [but] adoption has been a part of my life and a part of my family, so it was how I wanted to start."

10. Cate Blanchett & Daughter Edith

In addition to her three sons with her husband Andrew Upton, the couple adopted a daughter, Edith, in March of this year. Talking to The Independent Cate talked about adjusting to having a daughter:

"The first time I changed her nappy, it was a bit, “Oh, how do I do that? Which is ridiculous given that I’m equipped with the same apparatus!"

11. Denise Richards & Daughter Eloise

Adding to her to daughters, Sam and Lola who she fathered with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, Denise adopted daughter Eloise at birth in 2011 as a single parent after a two-year-long process.

12. Meg Ryan & Daughter Daisy

Meg already has a 24-year-old son, Jack, with now ex husband Dennis Quaid, and in 2006 she adopted Daisy True from China when she was 14 months old.

13. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt & Sons Maddox & Pax, & Daughter Zahara

Making up half of the Jolie-Pitt clan, Angelina adopted Maddox as a single mother in 2002 from a Cambodian orphanage and later adopted six-month-old Zahara from an orphanage in Ethiopia in 2005, also as a single mother, but Brad Pitt later filed for joint-custody of them in 2006. Later in 2006 Jolie gave birth to their first biological child, Shiloh, and in 2007 they adopted another son, Pax, from an orphanage in Vietnam before giving birth to twins Vivienne and Knox in 2008.


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