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(Warning: The following contains potential — albeit entirely speculative — SPOILERS for Game of Thrones Season 7, as well as some mild discussion of previous seasons. Proceed with whatever level of caution your friendly neighborhood three-eyed raven suggests to you is wise.)

Now, with Game of Thrones Season 7 still the best part of a year away from hitting our screens, it's likely far too early to expect any truly evidence-based rumors to emerge from its set, or from its notoriously tight-lipped cast. After all, in a show that's long been happy to kill off even the most fan-beloved of characters, it hardly pays to screw with the showrunners by giving away secrets (unless, of course, you're Lena Headey). With that in mind, then, it's perhaps best to take the following with a considerable pinch of salt, but...

It Sure Seems As Though Sophie 'Sansa Stark' Turner Just Revealed That Several People Are Going To Die In Season 7

Which, adorable as the above video (from this weekend's Emmys, during which Game of Thrones took pretty much every award going) may be, is about the least surprising revelation since...well, the last time a Game of Thrones actor teased character deaths in television's most casually murderous show. I mean, c'mon...

The thing is, though, what with this being "silly season" — the large proportion of the year in which there's no new Game of Thrones to watch, thus forcing us to speculate wildly — and all, it's difficult not to read more into Turner's words than may initially seem to be there. Specifically, it's tempting to ask the question:

Is Sansa Herself Going To Make It Out Of Season 7 Alive?

[Game of Thrones/HBO]
[Game of Thrones/HBO]

After all, as well as noting in the video above that...

"We’ve got one more season…well, not all of us."

...Turner also recently revealed a key element of Sansa's Season 7 arc to Variety, noting that:

"You don’t really know what’s going on with her this season... We’re trying to figure out where her loyalties lie and you’re wondering if she is going to pull through and be a true Stark or not."

Could that, then, suggest that Turner herself is one of the cast members that could find themselves being killed off before Season 8 comes around? Flirting with betrayal is, after all, as effective a way to get yourself killed (or, in Theon's case, viscerally castrated) as it is of grabbing power. Well, perhaps — or it might just mean that Turner is screwing with us.

Either way, we're not likely to find out until sometime next summer, when Game of Thrones' truncated seventh season finally arrives. And so our watch begins...

Want more on Game of Thrones to tide you over? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

And, while we wait, what do you think? Who do you think will (or won't) make it to Season 8? Let us know below!

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