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Ever since Netflix's hilarious show Santa Clarita Diet debuted on February 3rd, the internet has been ablaze about its original take on the zombie genre. Described by many as the perfect cross between Dexter (at its funniest) and The Walking Dead (at its most gruesome), this is a show that both horror and comedy fans can truly appreciate.

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant lead a practically flawless and eclectic cast of characters, but what's a little less obvious is how the comedy teaches some serious life goals. Now, Santa Clarita Diet is not exactly a self-care blueprint, but you could learn a thing or two from these characters' zany situations.

1. Die In The Past, Live In The Now

'Santa Clarita Diet' [Credit: Netflix]
'Santa Clarita Diet' [Credit: Netflix]

When Sheila Hammond (Barrymore) turns into the living dead, she realizes that she now has the confidence to do and say all of the things that she previously feared. Sheila would let people walk all over her and never tell anyone "no." She was painfully boring in the bedroom — hell, she wouldn't even let her husband eat chips on the couch! When Sheila came back as the undead, she also came back with a new passion for life.

Granted, there were moments when her message of "live your best life" went a little too far. For example, it was not Sheila's most solid idea when she told her daughter to quit school to pursue becoming a poet. Even Sheila realized later that that was a terrible idea. Living your truth and living your best life can be as simple as letting your hair down every once a while and not letting people take advantage of you.

2. Relationships Are Built On Honesty

'Santa Clarita Diet' [Credit: Netflix]
'Santa Clarita Diet' [Credit: Netflix]

Sheila Hammond and Joel Hammond (Olyphant) clearly love each other and have a good marriage — however, one of the things they struggle with a bit is trust. When Sheila began to notice her new strange habits, she hid a lot of them from her husband until the secrets of her new condition came spilling out in a murderous way.

When Joel demands that Sheila come clean about whether she slept with an old boyfriend or not, Sheila exclaims, "I did not have sex with Gary! But I did eat his balls." While that is entirely too much information for her husband to handle, it's an important step in making sure that they have a more honest relationship from this point forward. Poor Joel now knows exactly how dangerous his wife's eating habits can get! Being honest is the only way to maintain a healthy relationship.

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3. Always Make Room For The People In Your Life

'Santa Clarita Diet' [Credit: Netflix]
'Santa Clarita Diet' [Credit: Netflix]

We get so inundated with the routine of daily life that sometimes we forget to spend quality time with the people who mean the most to us. When their daughter Abby is brought home by the cops one day because she's stolen a motorcycle, it occurs to Sheila and Joel that they've been too focused on themselves; they have no idea how she's really feeling because they're too busy finding fresh meat for Sheila's dinner.

Through a series of very strange events, Sheila and Abby begin to bond — and they discover they have a lot more in common than they throught. Although the time they spend together involves some seriously bad behavior, they realize that there's nothing like the love between mother and daughter.

Your career and other goals may be important, but nothing beats spending time with the people you love.

4. Be Spontaneous, Not Impulsive

'Santa Clarita Diet' [Credit: Netflix]
'Santa Clarita Diet' [Credit: Netflix]

There's a very thin line between spontaneity and impulsivity, which Sheila learns very quickly in her new state. If she acts on her impulses and attacks people in broad daylight to eat them, she'll lose everything. However, if she thinks more rationally about how to catch her meals, then she can stay under the radar.

Sheila teaches us that it's OK to do spontaneous things like change your hair color or go out for a night on the town, but it's not OK to rob a bank for some quick cash. Being spontaneous can be life-affirming, but being impulsive can be life-destroying!

5. Stay True To Your Code

We constantly hear motivational speakers claim that the only way to truly reach our goals is to work outside of our comfort zone, but there are just some things that stray too far from who we are. In Santa Clarita Diet, Joel truly loves his wife but finds it impossible to kill people (even bad people) to feed her cannibalistic cravings. Joel and Sheila mutually decide that the best thing to do is to allow Sheila to handle the killing part while Joel handles covering their tracks.

I'm not recommending that you get comfortable with either of those things, obviously, but what you can take away from Santa Clarita Diet is the fact that it's OK to stay in your lane and stick to what you're good at (and to what feels right). Life doesn't have to be full of challenges all of the time!


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