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Will Wharton

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! So shall the shout ring out across the set when see's these images. who plays teenager Haley Dunphy on the hit ABC sitcom recently expanded her efforts to be the show's bustiest cast member by revealing what she's packing on multiple red carpets so far this year.

Inevitably, this short stint at the top will come to an end for Hyland. Fierce and proud, Vergara has been known to defend her territory as the show's hottest member, rumors continue to circle that Miss Vergara had the actress who played Baby Lily ejected from the set because someone called her 'cute'.

Hyland will have to face numerous Highlander-style trials in order to come out on top of this one with Vergara eventually attempting to behead Hyland in order to complete the quickening. But without the backing of a wise and fatherly Sean Connery I'm not sure Hyland can succeed.

Enjoy the photos!


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