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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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What are the first things you think of when I say the name Sarah Michelle Gellar? Buffy? Freddie Prinze? Scooby Doo? All worthy answers, but what if I were to tell you that after reading this article the first thing you'll think of upon hearing her name will be "savage criminal" —no worries would you read on?

Well take the plunge, if you dare, as I reveal to you just how, at the tender age of five, Sarah Michelle Gellar managed to get a lifetime ban from McDonald's, forfeiting her right to a Kids Happy Meal for all eternity.

How Sarah's Love Of Fast Food Turned Her Into A Criminal

At just four years old, Sarah was already proving herself to be a promising young actress. Adorable, well behaved and actually able to speak in fully logical, constructed sentences, her parents clearly saw her potential and auditioned her for an upcoming Burger King commercial. Little did they know that this role of a lifetime would cast a dark shadow on the rest of Sarah's life.

Turning up in her delightful lilac dungarees, Sarah delivered her lines exactly as promised, but by doing so inadvertently became the figurehead of a very nasty scandal. This seemingly innocent commercial unleashed the first direct televised attack on a competitor as Sarah unashamedly name-drops McDonald's, stating that they make their burgers with a whopping twenty percent less beef than Burger King.

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Why Sarah Was Held Over The Griddle For Her Commercial Performance

While we all know that the concept of either Burger King or McDonalds' burgers actually containing any real beef is but a myth, McDonalds took unmitigated offense at Burger King and Sarah's allegations. Consequently they sued Burger King for the commercial, with a now five year old Sarah having to testify about the lines she said in the ad.

Ultimately, this resulted in Burger King pulling this commercial from TV and because Sarah was mentioned explicitly in the lawsuit, she received a lifetime ban from every McDonalds restaurant across the world. This is just about a serious a punishment as a five year old can get.

But She Still Hasn't Kicked The Habit

Proving that old habits die hard, Sarah is now venturing out into the culinary business world with new startup 'Foodstirs,' which sees her peddling unhealthy food to the masses, not unlike her Ronald McDonald arch nemesis. Whether Sarah has yet to step foot in a McDonald's since receiving her lifetime ban all those years ago remains unclear. What does become apparent however, is that it would make a great publicity stunt if, after twenty four years of exile, Sarah was finally able to get her fanged teeth into a juicy Big Mac.


What kind of McDonalds burger would you most like to watch Sarah Michelle Gellar eat?


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