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Every October, Planet Celebrity is rocked by the unspoken contest of coming up with the best possible costume — but while the likes of model Heidi Klum will always go all out, donning prosthetics or sporting multiple outfit changes on the same night, sometimes a simple yet efficient costume is the best way to go.

Probably thanks to her experience with vampires, our '90s queen knows how to pick the perfect spooky character for the last day of the month. This year, she showed up as one of 's most underrated characters, — seriously, where was the green lady in Suicide Squad?

Sarah Michelle Gellar Totally Pulled Off Poison Ivy

Red hair? Check. Green outfit? Check. Vines? Check. I didn't think I'd say this at Halloween, but we could actually use a right now! The two have the cutest history in the comics, with Poison Ivy acting as a soothing remedy — despite her name — after Harley's damaging relationship with the Joker.

Let's also applaud SMG's safe bet to not rely on Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy costume in Batman & Robin, though the glasses are amazingly terrible too:

It's not the first time the vampire slayer has donned a superhero outfit, and it probably won't be the last.

Who did you dress up as this Halloween? We dressed up as Star Wars characters!


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