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Well, Scooby gang, it looks like Buffy is trading in her stakes for a pair of stilettos. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that actress has just signed on to star opposite in the CBS workplace comedy Crazy Ones.

According to the article, the pilot, produced by , will be pretty straightforward:

The single-camera entry revolves around the dynamics between a father named Simon Roberts (Good Will Hunting Oscar winner Robin Williams) and his daughter and is set in the world of advertising.

Gellar will play Sydney Roberts, Simon's daughter. She's described as pretty, intense, driven, organized and burdened with being practical. Sydney is the creative director and life and soul of the Roberts and Roberts Advertising Agency at the center of the comedy. She wants to be her father but is too busy having to parent him.

It remains to be seen whether or not Gellar, best known for her titular role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has the comedic timing to make a comedy series work. We can expect that it will probably be Williams providing the majority of the laughs, and Gellar will be playing his straight-laced foil. Still, Gellar has voiced multiple characters for American Dad, The Simpsons, and Robot Chicken so she's not a complete stranger to comedy.

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