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Everyone knows the truth always outs and although it took quite a few seasons, Rick finally revealed that Shane was Judith's biological father during Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

Judith's parentage had been a mystery for awhile, with Lori becoming pregnant shortly after she stopped her relationship with Shane and went back Rick, meaning either man could have been the the baby's biological father.

Judith in Season 7, Episode 12 with Tara [Credit: AMC]
Judith in Season 7, Episode 12 with Tara [Credit: AMC]

Although technically it seems that half of Judith's DNA has come from Shane, in a recent interview with CinemaBlend the actress who played Lori, Sarah Wayne Callies, has come out firmly in support of the thought that Rick is Judith's father for one very personal reason:

"You know, I get asked a lot of whose baby it is, and my answer is always, 'It's Rick's, because a man who stands up to raise a baby is that baby's father.' I have a unique perspective on this. My son is adopted and my husband is my son's father. They don't look a thing alike. They're a different race. They don't have the same DNA. Anybody who has kids, I think, would recognize that none of that matters. What matters is who stands up for this kid, and Rick has stood up for this kid, and that makes Judith his daughter. Nothing else matters."

So true! Although Shane never had the opportunity to show what he would have been like as a parent, Rick has always done his best by Judith and definitely deserves to be called her dad. As for biological paternity though, Wayne Callies explained they had another sort of 'test' to determine that. "We always had the joke that if Judith grows up and has a big honkin' nose that looks like it's been broken in six sites, that answers the question," she said. Ouch, sorry Shane!

Shane, Rick and Lori in Season 2 [Credit: AMC]
Shane, Rick and Lori in Season 2 [Credit: AMC]

Wayne Callies hasn't been the only Walking Dead cast member to recently talk about Judith's dear old dad, earlier in March at Walker Stalker Con London, Andrew Lincoln (Rick) described how both he and Shane - a.k.a Jon Bernthal - reacted to finding out about the Judith reveal:

"Ugh, do you know what? I'm still not happy about that... We did Comic Con this year, and Jon Bernthal and his family were all there and we were all in the swimming pool just chilling out and I had to tell him, just because I knew that Jon would want to know that it was his child, even thought he's not been in the show for four years, I kinda knew what kind of actor Jon Bernthal was. And I told him and was like 'WHAT?!? NO man, NO.' He was just like 'No, brother, man that's not right, that's not right' he was so angry at that."

Uh oh, sounds like the decision to make this reveal hasn't been crazy popular! Lincoln went onto say that the reveal even made Bernthal reevaluate his entire performance as Shane. "He was like 'I wish I'd known, I want to redo my scenes again,'" Lincoln recalled. "He went '[If I'd known then what I know now] I would have played it a whole different way.'"

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