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Spoilers follow for Season 7 of The Walking Dead, as well as the comic books.

Last week's Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead definitely left a lot of fans in shock. With a more violent spectacle than ever, the premiere episode topped the list of most brutal Walking Dead episodes; we witnessed the murder of two beloved characters, Abraham and Glenn.

It was quite tough to lose both Abraham and Glenn in one episode, and the deaths will leave a lasting impression on the rest of Rick's group (now Negan's group?). Yes, Maggie is going to be taking the loss of her husband Glenn the hardest; she is pregnant with his child and just witnessed his execution with her own eyes, and the impact on her will become more apparent over the progression of Season 7.

In fact, Glenn's death will impact how all of Rick's group moves forward, but so will Abraham's death.

How Will Sasha Take The Loss Of Abraham?

Not much has been said towards how Abraham's death will affect the group, nor how his death has resonated with Sasha. We saw in Abe's last few moments that he gave Sasha (Sonequa Martin Green) a final farewell with an incognito hand signal.

As well as Sasha's last look indicating that she would be the most devastated by the loss, her character is guaranteed to have a plot thread devoted to the effect of Abraham's death on her sometime during Season 7.

Sasha has already faced the death of her brother Tyreese, former lover Bob Stookey, and now Abraham. She's been plagued with loss since her debut on The Walking Dead which lead to Sasha making a foolhardy attempt at committing "suicide by zombie," but she may take another approach altogether after Abraham's death.

Can Sasha Overcome The Loss of Abraham, In Order To Bring Negan To Justice?

For now, we can assume that Sasha will begin to exhibit signs of Abraham's death affecting her more than others. However, she may be able to grow and learn from the situation by dedicating herself to stopping Negan. In the comics, it was Dwight's betrayal that led to Negan ultimately being captured by the Alexandrians — but if Sasha pushes herself to find a solution to the Negan problem, it may be Sasha who's ultimately responsible for Negan's downfall.

But would Sasha be able to refrain from killing Negan? The prison cell built by Morgan in Season 6 is definitely foreshadowing the imprisonment of Negan in Alexandria's first prison; an identical event took place in the comics.

Despite Sasha reacting poorly to loss in the past, her journey with Maggie to the Hilltop could be beneficial to her mental state, and as a result, Sasha may find a stronger resolve in herself. At the same time, she could become a pivotal member in the Militia.

In the comics, the Militia was a unification of the survivors from the Alexandria Safe Zone, the Hilltop Colony and Ezekiel's Kingdom. The Militia was ultimately responsible for defeating Negan in the All-Out War event.

The Militia, Walking Dead comics.
The Militia, Walking Dead comics.

Beyond the comics version of Negan's downfall at the hands of the Militia, Sasha could become a pivotal character in the capture of Negan despite not having a part in the comic event. And considering that some fans have assumed Sasha represents the comic iteration of Andrea, who is currently dead on the Walking Dead television series, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for Sasha to fill Andrea's role from the comics when Negan is finally brought to justice.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9PM on AMC.

How do you think Sasha is going to react to Abraham's death? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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