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At The Walking Dead's Season 4 premiere red carpet, chatted with Zap2it on what's to come for Sasha and the gang:

I think at the very end of Season 3, they became a part of the group, as well as everyone else from Woodbury. I think that everybody made a collective decision to just move forward together, and it was because of Rick. It was because he made the decision and it trickled down from him. Yeah, [Sasha and Tyreese are] definitely in the group. They're integral to the group. They're helping. They're in leadership positions.

Martin-Green admitted she was thrilled with her zombie-killing scenes:

My favorite is one that happens in the first episode. It's one of mine. I won't give it away, but it's great and I thank [director] Greg [Nicotero] for it.

With all the buzz we've lately heard concerning a 'new threat' to the show's protagonists, some were hoping for some sort of hint of what it may specifically be. The actress didn't give anything away, but still had the following to say about the vague menace:

It turns the whole world upside down because it's something you never would have expected. It's shocking. I was shocked when I first read these scripts. I said, 'What?' It's going to be great.

While revealing that her favorite person on TWD is none other than Hershel, Martin-Green also told fans to look out for the mysterious addition to the cast played by :

Keep an eye out for her right here. For real.

Watch the entire interview here.

The Walking Dead's fourth season premieres on October 13th on AMC at 9 PM (EST).



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