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Ciara Pitts

After fans clamored for the Wonder Woman sequel to reveal Diana Prince's bisexuality, Saturday Night Live made our dreams come true in a way we weren't expecting. The Amazing Amazon herself, Gal Gadot, hosted the episode, and she addressed her character's unapologetic gay legacy in a hilarious skit.

Two women — played by Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant — come across Themyscira and are excited to have maybe found an island of lesbians. Much to their disappointment, the Amazons aren't what they assumed. (Don't worry, they're still queer in the comics!)

To cheer them up, Gadot (portraying Diana once again) offers to kiss one of them to test if she feels anything towards women. McKinnon reluctantly volunteers, and Gadot gives her a steamy kiss that lasted a glorious 13 seconds. See for yourself in the clip below:

No one has been able to get that kiss out of their minds, and naturally, Lesbian Twitter went wild:

I can't decide if I'm more jealous of Gadot or McKinnon, but that moment will never be forgotten. If the DCEU is looking for auditions for Diana's future girlfriend, I know most of us would be ready to wait in that long line.

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