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Doctor Who has been on our screens for over 50 years now, and with the show still going, fans don't seem to be tiring of it. With the show currently on the twelfth Doctor, a thirteenth is set to be introduced Christmas Day this year.

Ever since its revival in 2005, has become one of the 's biggest television shows, entertaining audiences of all ages. As part of the shows growth, the BBC opened up the Doctor Who Experience, where fans could view actual Doctor Who props, costumes and even TARDIS sets. However, news hit the internet hard over the last couple of months when it was revealed that the Doctor Who Experience was set to close Summer 2017.

With this news upsetting many fans, an online petition titled "Save Cardiff's Doctor Who Experience" was launched, where fans could sign their name in protest to keep the experience open. Since the launch of the petition, it has gathered over 10,000 signatures.

Why Is The 'Doctor Who' Experience Closing?

The reason behind the museum's closure is due to the five-year lease on its current land in Cardiff Bay expiring this summer. The land is leased by the Welsh Government, which is then passed on to Cardiff council, which is then sublet by BBC Worldwide.

With the deal rapidly running out, fans are hoping the petition reaches Cardiff council and can show the council and BBC Worldwide that fans admire the attraction and would be devastated to see the props and costumes archived away forever. On the other hand, all fans are hoping the Doctor Who Experience is able to set up the museum in a different location, which will save it from permanently being closed. Petition organizer Bex Ferriday said this in a statement:

“I know the land was only leased for five years but surely anyone can see that... to knock this on the head, when we have got 'Doctor Who' being filmed here and the studios here, seems like a really stupid thing to do. I think the way it’s been done suggests they know this was going to cause a great deal of upset . I think the deal has been done, but my message to people who have signed the petition is that we want to have something, a smaller version, somewhere in Cardiff.”

The Latest Update

The petition itself is currently on 11,930 signatures at the time of writing. The petition was passed on to the Doctor Who Experience on Saturday, March 4th, which is now expected to be passed onto Cardiff Council.

The was asked if they were looking at setting up the museum somewhere else in Cardiff:

"We are not sure yet. BBC Worldwide is always looking at new and exciting ways to increase fans’ enjoyment of 'Doctor Who.' We are exploring ways in which we can use the artifacts in possible new events."

With the current situation being rather tense, all fans can now do is hope the museum is moved somewhere else so fans can enjoy it even more. In the meantime, if you haven't signed the petition yet, you can do so via 38 degrees.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday, April 15th.

Have you visited the Doctor Who Experience? What were your impressions?


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