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The documentary is an underrated art form, but the thought-provoking Saving Banksy is proving that the public will devour nonfiction entertainment in a big way.

This provocative movie from director Colin Day dares to ask the question that consumes art students the world over: What is art? And while the answer remains as illusive and transitory as it always has been, Saving Banksy provides a brilliant base for discussion.

Check out the full-length trailer below and prepare for your brain to get totally tangled with the conundrum of who owns street art:

So far, this bold documentary has been met with spray-can blasts of critical acclaim, including a rating of 100 percent of Rotten Tomatoes and reviews such as this one from The Hollywood Reporter:

Day's debut succeeds in part thanks to its modest scope, viewing the street-art phenomenon through an attempt to rescue one of its highly perishable creations for the public good; scene-savvy audiences will appreciate it.

To get your piece of the Banksy pie without brutally tearing it off a wall, watch the movie on iTunes now.

Do you think street art can be owned?


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