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Sophie Atkinson

Well, this is just ridiculously charming. Saving Mr. Banks tells the little-known true story of Walt Disney's 14 year battle to persuade Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers to sell him the film rights and to bring the story to the silver screen. Featuring Nanny McPhee veteran in the role of 'Mrs Travers, please!' and as Mr 'You've gotta call me Walt!' Disney, the film is absolutely chock-full of A-list talent: the criminally underrated , and all feature.

I'm sure it's no spoiler to reveal that Disney did eventually succeed and that Mary Poppins hit theaters in 1964 and was an overnight hit, winning five Oscars and grossing $102 million domestically to date.

This is the first time Walt Disney has ever been brought to life on screen, and I think you'll agree Tom Hanks is the perfect candidate for the role, bringing just the right combination of twinkle and steeliness to the character.

Guys, check out the trailer below - is it or is it not just a little bit beautiful? I defy you to not get teary while watching it - from the opening nostalgic notes from the Mary Poppins score to those images of Emma Thompson's Pamela Travers as a child and the story of how Mary Poppins has significant personal relevance to Travers's life...oh GOD. Somebody get me a tissue.


Thoughts, feelings, powerful,powerful emosshhhhions? Let me know below.


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