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This article contains spoilers from Season 3 of The Flash.

After making us wait for almost an entire season, finally revealed Savitar's identity. The reveal, which had been teased from the very beginning of Season 3, wasn't at all surprising. Some of you might have not guessed it, while the rest of you probably saw it coming.

It took us 20 episodes, but we finally know who Savitar really is under that scary mask of his. In the final few minutes of Season 3, Episode 20, titled "I Know Who You Are," we finally got to see Savitar step out of that costume of his and reveal his true identity. Though Savitar did do that once already, in the last episode, Killer Frost was the only one who got a look at Savitar's face.

The Flash revealed the true identities of its Big Bads sooner in its previous two seasons. , however, let Savitar hide behind his mask longer than Reverse Flash and Zoom. But we finally know who Savitar is and it's been a future version of Barry all along.

'The Flash' [Credit: The CW]
'The Flash' [Credit: The CW]

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The fact that The Flash was going to reveal Savitar's identity in this episode was no secret to the fans of the show. The promo for this week's episode teased Savitar's identity reveal.

Back in March, in an interview with, Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed:

"Hopefully, if we've done our jobs right, you will be both shocked and also go, 'That makes perfect sense.' So hopefully we've laid the groundwork for it all to make sense not just in the moment, but hopefully you look back and you realize how important it was for Barry to face this particular villain in his journey as a hero and how this season ties into all the others."

And now that we look back at it, it does kind of make perfect sense. Savitar kept saying that he is the "Future Flash" and he also told Jessie that he knew everything because he had already lived it. These two combined formed enough evidence for a future version of being Savitar. Added to that, in this episode, Killer Frost said something that made the fans absolutely sure that it was Barry under Savitar's mask:

"You two are more alike than you realize."

However, it remains to be seen why future Barry decides to make present Barry's life miserable by killing the love of his life — Iris West. We'll have to wait and watch the next week's episode find out more.

Did you expect Barry Allen to be Savitar? Let us know in the comments section down below.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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