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This article contains major spoilers of The Flash Season 3.

This season of The Flash once again saw Barry Allen and his team plagued by the arrival of a mysterious evil speedster. There have been plenty of theories surrounding the God of Speed's true identity, but we have all have found ourselves completely stumped as to who the villainous Savitar truly is.

We have all speculated that he is really Wally West, or the future Flash himself. But as Grant Gustin recently revealed, the fans are still clueless about the monstrous speedster's true identity. So that can only mean there's a shock coming.

And when looking back at the less obvious choices, there is actually a surprising amount of evidence to suggest that Savitar is none other than Jay Garrick.

The First Speedster

According to the present-day version of Jay Garrick, Savitar is the first meta-human speedster. While you might think it unusual that Garrick would know this information — especially because he's from Earth-3 while Savitar is terrorizing Earth-1 — it's not that unlikely; he is a veteran speedster, so he could easily know information that others might not.

Is Jay Garrick the first speedster in 'The Flash' TV series? [Credit: The CW]
Is Jay Garrick the first speedster in 'The Flash' TV series? [Credit: The CW]

However, perhaps the reason why he knows about the first speedster's fate is because he lived it. In Comics mythology, Jay Garrick is the first Flash, which undoubtedly makes him the first mainstream speedster. Could his comments in the series be a reference to this?

If the show mirrors the comics, then Garrick may indeed be the first speedster within the as well.

Moreover, even if we don't look to the comics for reference, Jay is still the oldest speedster on the show — and we still don't know how or when he acquired his powers — so there's a strong possibility that he is indeed the first speedster. And if this is true, then it's highly likely that he could be Savitar.

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Trapped In The Speed Force By The Flash

When Savitar first appeared, he revealed that he was from the future, seeking revenge on the scarlet speedster for trapping him in the Speed Force. According to him, the self-proclaimed "God of Speed" was trapped in a prison within the Speed Force in which he was forced to relive the worst moment of his life over and over again.

Well, when the futuristic speedster finally escaped, he managed to lure Wally into taking his place in the prison. However, when Barry went to correct his mistake and save Wally, the Speed Force wouldn't allow him to do so. Thus, the heroic Jay Garrick stepped up and saved Barry, freed Wally and volunteered to take his place in the Speed Force prison.

So, due to the Flash's mistake (thinking Wally would save Iris when it should have been him), Jay ended up trapped in the Speed Force prison. And just like Savitar has told us, this prison has the ability to make even the most sane minds go mad. In Jay's case, he would have to relive the memories of being forced to wear the iron mask by Zoom.

With that in mind, could the punishments Jay endures in that prison end up morphing him into the sadistic Savitar? After all, he volunteered to stay there for Barry, couldn't that be misinterpreted as being trapped in there by him? Could he resent the fact that he had to pay the price for another of Barry's mistakes?

This gives the team a chance to save the present-day Jay Garrick from ever becoming Savitar. For instance, if the metallic monster truly is the veteran speedster, it's worth remembering that this is a future version of him; the present-day Jay is still trapped in the Speed Force prison. Thus, all they would have to do is figure out a way to free Jay from the prison, stopping him from ever becoming Savitar — and perhaps saving Iris' life in the process.

Is Jay Garrick really Savitar? [Credit: The CW]
Is Jay Garrick really Savitar? [Credit: The CW]

Remember, we were previously told that we would see more of actor John Wesley Shipp in the back half of Season 3 — and we haven't seen that much of Jay. Thus, there is a strong possibility that Shipp's character could end up being this season's big bad. Especially due to the fact that Savitar is apparently the world's first speedster — a title possibly befitting of the show's only veteran speedster.

Additionally, Savitar's quest for vengeance is down to the fact that the Flash trapped him in the Speed Force prison. And the only speedster currently in that prison right now is Jay Garrick — who sacrificed himself for Barry's mission. Could the punishments of the prison cause Jay to lose his grip on reality and become the bloodthirsty Savitar in the future? Time will most certainly tell.


Is Savitar really Jay Garrick?


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