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The Flash Season 3 introduced fans to the greatest threat Barry Allen had ever faced in Savitar. The self-proclaimed “God of Speed” was revealed to be a time-remnant Barry created in the future, and after being shunned by Team Flash for not being the "true Barry Allen," he became the evil speedster Savitar to escape his pain.

Savitar’s plan throughout Season 3 was to kill Iris West, because her death would lead Barry down the path so that he would be born – thus preserving Savitar's closed-loop timeline. He failed, however, as missed killing Iris due to a heroic sacrifice by H.R., then was shot in the back by Iris during a last-ditch effort to kill Barry.

After he was shot, the paradox wave caught up with Savitar, and he was erased from the timeline – similar to the way Eobard Thawne was erased in The Flash Season 1 finale. Since Savitar was culled by the paradox wave, all his future plans have faded from existence, and Team Flash successfully secured a brighter future.

Defeating Savitar was a big win for Team Flash, but the Season 3 resolution left a few plot threads unanswered, and a few plot holes in its wake. One of the most glaring plot threads is regarding Jesse Quick, and what Savitar had planned for her in the future.

"I Have Such Plans For You In The Future Jesse Quick"

The Flash Season 3 Episode 16, titled “Into The Speed Force”, centered around Barry Allen trying to free Wally West from the . During the episode, a distraught Jesse Quick tracked down Savitar using a piece of his suit that he broke off in Barry’s shoulder in a previous episode.

Once Jesse found Savitar she attacked him, but the lightning she threw was absorbed and redirected by Savitar’s suit. In a rapid series of events, Savitar got ahold of Jesse, and while she was in his grasp, he uttered the line: “I have such plans for you in the future Jesse Quick”. Moments before, however, H.R. had told Jesse to find a weak spot in Savitar’s armor; seizing the moment of proximity, she thrust the detached blade of Savitar’s suit into his neck.

This moment was important for Team Flash because they learned that Savitar wasn’t a Speed God, and instead was just a man in a suit. However, fans began to speculate what role played in Savitar’s plans, and how that would play out on the show. Unfortunately, with Savitar defeated and his plans unraveled, we never learned what those plans were.

What Were Savitar's Plans For Jesse Quick?

It’s possible that Jesse could have been implemental in building Savitar’s armor in the future – as YouTuber Emergency Awesome speculated in a video – but that seems like a something that any number of geniuses in the multiverse could have helped him with.

Instead of using her intellect, it seems likely that Savitar could have used her as emotional leverage to break someone’s resolve or psyche. This theory will take us back to The Flash Season 3 Episode 19, titled “The Once and Future Flash”, where Barry travels to the year 2024 in an attempt to discover Savitar’s identity.

In 2024, we see Team Flash in disarray, and Barry visits , who is catatonic after a run-in with Savitar. It was revealed that Wally went after Savitar alone, and had his back broken during the confrontation. The physical injury is enough to cause extreme psychological trauma, but Cisco made a comment to Barry that suggested Wally saw something worse that sent him into a catatonic state.

Wally West & Jesse Quick in 'The Flash' [Credit: The CW]
Wally West & Jesse Quick in 'The Flash' [Credit: The CW]

We never learned what happened to Wally, but given Jesse Quick’s absence from 2024, it could be because she was involved with the confrontation Wally had with Savitar. It seems unlikely that Jesse would willingly join ’s side, but it is highly likely that Savitar could have used her to punish Wally West for coming after him.

This is where the theory gets a bit dark, but given that Wally suffered severe psychological trauma, it’s possible that Savitar could have killed Jesse in front of Wally. After getting his back broken, Wally could be lying helpless, unable to save Jesse, and Savitar could have killed her to further destroy ’s family and Team Flash.

Many fans thought Wally was catatonic due to Savitar unmasking in front of him – which could still be the case – but he could have unmasked before killing Jesse, thus scarring Wally beyond what his psyche could handle.

The idea of Wally seeing his loved one killed by someone who looks like his brother/mentor while he is helpless to stop them sounds like too much for anyone to handle. This event would be compounded by the grief/realization of a future version of Barry killing Iris, and Wally would be taken out of commission for the foreseeable future.

While Jesse being killed by Savitar in front of Wally is just a theory, it does tie together some loose plot threads, and explains both events in a logical way. The truth is that we will probably never know what happened to Wally in the future, or what Savitar’s plans were for Jesse Quick, but since they spent a whole season centered on a time traveling villain, certain plot threads were bound be left unresolved.

The Flash is on hiatus for the next few months, but it will return for Season 4 Tuesday, October 10, 2017 8PM/ET on The CW.

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