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Barry Allen messed up. I know it. You know it. Hell, even the Dominators know it, but what we don't know is the full extent to which ruined the timeline. Regardless though, The Flash may end up regretting his meddling ways more than ever if the mid-season finale of Season 3 is anything to go by.

Not only did Barry witness the murder of his beloved Iris in the future, but Savitar gave The Flash more early Christmas presents in the form of three prophecies that spell out yuletide doom for the speedster and his friends.

Re-watch Savitar share his dark prophecies in the clip below:

Now that we know both the identity of Doctor Alchemy and the origins of Savitar, the second half of Season 3 will hinge almost entirely around these three predictions for the future instead. While we can't enlist the advice of Gideon or even newspapers from 2024, what we can do is break down all the main suspects and figure out what on earth (1, 2, 19?) is going to happen next when returns to our screens next year.

"One Shall Betray You..."

The Flash [Credit; The CW]
The Flash [Credit; The CW]

The obvious choice here would be Caitlin Snow, who's spent the better part of this season fighting against her Killer Frost persona. As we saw at the end of "The Present", everyone's favorite doctor/psychotic killer isn't adverse to removing her power-dampening bracelet on occasion, even though using her abilities could potentially drive Caitlin mad once again.

There's also a chance that Julian could betray Team Flash, as he's already been rather mistrusting of Barry Allen and meta-humans in general up to now. The problem with this theory is that Julian's not an integral part of the group, and the fact that Savitar used him as a mouthpiece suggests that the former Malfoy wasn't included in the prophecies.

Instead, our money is on the newest addition to Team Flash, who's named H.R. so that we can differentiate him from the other Harrisons that we've met so far. While The Flash has already played around with the idea of him being a traitor again, just like in Season 1, this could have been a double bluff. After all, H.R. hasn't formed many deep relationships with Team Flash, aside from with his new pupil, Wally West, and Savitar did describe him as "the fake Wells"...

"One Shall Fall..."

The Flash [Credit; The CW]
The Flash [Credit; The CW]

After we physically saw Iris killed right before our eyes in the future, Barry's girlfriend seems like the most obvious choice to die, but isn't that a little too obvious?

In our eyes, there are two more likely candidates, one of whom has already been perilously close to death before this season. That's right, guys. Wally West didn't fare so well as Kid Flash in the Flashpoint timeline and it would make sense if history repeated itself once again after the mid-season break. Wally's entire arc has revolved around trying to be a hero, despite the protestations of his family who worry that this could ultimately kill him. We honestly cannot think of a more fitting ending for the budding hero.

Alternatively, Barry's not had too much luck with parental figures either, so this might be the season when his foster father, Joe West, kicks the bucket. Sure, it would be somewhat repetitive to kill off yet another person who raised Barry, but the closest alternative would be Jay Garrick and Earth 3's version of The Flash wasn't even in the room when Savitar began to spout off his prophecies.

"One Shall Suffer A Fate Far Worse Than Death!"

The Flash [Credit; The CW]
The Flash [Credit; The CW]

While this final prophecy is the least clear, we imagine that it means someone will take the death of a Team Flash member extremely hard and may even be ultimately responsible for their loss.

If that's the case, there are a number of possibilities that could play out when The Flash returns after the mid-season break;

1) Joe grieves the death of Wally or Iris.

2) Barry hates himself more than ever for causing Flashpoint, as he's ultimately responsible for Savitar.

3) Barry or Wally are somehow trapped in the Speed Force, where time passes differently.

4) Caitlin gives in to her Killer Frost persona and loses all traces of humanity

5) OR Cisco is forced to kill Caitlin after she turns evil, bringing to life that dark vision that he had of the future.

The Flash [Credit; The CW]
The Flash [Credit; The CW]

Out of all these options, we hope that the final proposal is the one that the show runners choose to follow. Despite our love for Caitlin, we've been thinking about Vibe's vision of their clash non-stop since it first appeared earlier in the season and we genuinely can't think of a fate worse than death that would be more heartbreaking than killing your best friend.

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While it's hard to know at this stage exactly how each of Savitar's prophecies will play out, we must also consider the option that he is in fact lying to Team Flash to mess with their heads. The self-proclaimed God of Speed does indeed know aspects of the future timeline, but that doesn't mean that he should be trusted with the information he gives.

The Flash [Credit; The CW]
The Flash [Credit; The CW]

Regardless though, these prophecies represent a bold, new direction for The Flash, moving away from the Scooby-Doo-esque quest to uncover a villain's identity towards something far more original and befitting of the show. The second half of Season 3 cannot arrive fast enough.


Which member of Team Flash will die by the end of Season 3?


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