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(WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Flash.)

On last night's episode of , "Wrath Of Savitar," Savitar, played by Tobin Bell, made his shocking debut in signature villain style. By influencing Wally West, Savitar manipulated him into throwing the last remaining piece of the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force, freeing Savitar. In doing so, Wally was trapped in Savitar's place. But before Savitar was freed, he gave an interesting monologue to Team Flash.

In an attempt to find Savitar's location, Team Flash set up Julian in Cisco's device to contact him. During their conversation with Savitar, he directed his focus toward Barry and began talking about pain.

Savitar: "Barry, you've had to suffer more than anyone. You've had to endure pain your whole life."

What's interesting about Savitar's dialogue is the manner in which he talks about pain. His dialogue is also eerily similar to Bell's character, Jigsaw, from the series of movies.

Tobin Bell in 'Saw II' [Credit: Lionsgate Entertainment]
Tobin Bell in 'Saw II' [Credit: Lionsgate Entertainment]

Was Tobin Bell Manifesting Jigsaw On 'The Flash'?

On , he may be Savitar, but it's Bell's character in the Saw series, Jigsaw, who is characterized by his penchant for making people suffer. His motives are always driven by causing people pain, so when Savitar spoke about pain on The Flash, it was all too similar to Jigsaw's signature dialogue from .

For a sample of Tobin Bell in Saw, check out the video below.

I should note there's no connection between Tobin Bell on Saw and The Flash but his dialogue about pain was likely a clever nod to the Saw line of movies since Tobin Bell was presented with the perfect opportunity to manifest his old character in last night's episode of The Flash.

Savitar And Jigsaw Are A Lot Alike

Just take a look at how the episode played out. Savitar got to thoroughly frighten Team Flash, then spoke about pain in a eerie voice; all he needed was the creepy puppet alongside him to fully manifest the Jigsaw character on The Flash. You could even say Savitar's proxy body is equivalent to the puppet associated with Jigsaw but that's too far into speculation.

'Saw' [Credit: Lionsgate Entertainment]
'Saw' [Credit: Lionsgate Entertainment]

Regardless of theories and speculation, it seems like Tobin Bell threw some extra emphasis on his dialogue in "Wrath Of Savitar" as a small little nod to his old (and maybe current?) character.

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Do you think it was a nod to Saw or am I looking too far into this? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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