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It's been seven years since Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures gave horror fans Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, and we will officially be revisiting the franchise this Halloween with Jigsaw (formerly known as ). Whether you were a fan of the Saw or not, you can't deny the box office and fan power the franchise gained during the seven years it was around. After all, the franchise brought in $870 million worldwide and became the most successful franchise in history.

The eighth installment of the franchise recently wrapped filming in Canada, so we don't know a whole lot about this movie just yet. Even though filming has completed, we still haven't even gotten an official announcement from Lionsgate on this project. However, here's the information we know about Jigsaw so far, and we'll continue to keep you updated here as more information comes in.

This article is continuously updated with new rumors and information surrounding 'Jigsaw'. All information and rumors are subject to change at any time.

'Jigsaw' News & Rumors

[Credit: Lionsgate / Twisted Pictures]
[Credit: Lionsgate / Twisted Pictures]

As far as news and rumors, we learned back in July 2016 that the project was being fast-tracked with Lionsgate so it could meet a Halloween 2017 release date. Along with bringing back longtime Saw producers (Oren Koules, Peter Block, and Mark Burg), we learned that the film was going to be directed by Daybreakers directors, Michael and Peter Spierig.

Along with the Spierig Brothers behind the camera, script had been completed by Piranha 3D writers Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. That was a big change from the original creators, and Leigh Whannell, and the writers of Saw IV, V, VI, and 3D: The Final Chapter, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton.

What we know about the plot (so far) is that Jigsaw picks up a decade after John Kramer's death as bodies begin turning up gruesomely murdered. The hunt is on to find out who is carrying on the mantle of Jigsaw murders after the deaths of John Kramer and Amanda Young, and the disappearance of Mark Hoffman.

Also worth noting is the fact that longtime Saw composer, Charlie Clouser, will return to compose the score for Jigsaw. Clouser has composed all seven previous Saw films and had this to say about returning to the horror franchise:

"This will be an opportunity for me to re-imagine how I approach the score, and I’ll be trying a more stark, bold, and stripped-down approach that will be more in line with the strong vision that the Spierig brothers are bringing to the table."

The newest development (as of June 2017) is that the former working title of Saw Legacy has been changed to Jigsaw. Not only do we have a title change, but the film has been certified by the MPAA and received an R-rating for sequences of bloody violence and torture, and for language.

'Jigsaw' Release Date

Similar to previous franchise installments, Jigsaw will hit theaters just in time for Halloween on October 27, 201. According to Variety, the film will hit international markets in early 2018.

'Jigsaw' Trailer

The Jigsaw trailer hasn't been released yet, but stay tuned! We will update you with a trailer for the newest Saw film as soon as it is revealed. But in the meantime, here is the official title treatment direct from CineEurope 2017:

'Jigsaw' (2017) [Credit: Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures]
'Jigsaw' (2017) [Credit: Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures]

'Jigsaw' Characters

We don't know too much about the Jigsaw characters just yet. Honestly, we don't know anything about characters just yet! But according to IMDb, the only confirmed (and recognizable) character on the list is John Kramer (a.k.a. Jigsaw).

After all, longtime Saw actor Tobin Bell recently teased Jigsaw with all of us on .

'Jigsaw' Cast

Similar to the character list, we don't know a whole lot about the Jigsaw cast just yet. The only official casting announcement we have gotten as of February 2017 is that Smallville veteran, Laura Vandervoort, and Hannah Anderson had joined the cast. It is also worth mentioning that if John Kramer is actually set to return in some capacity, we can expect to see Saw veteran Tobin Bell reprise his role as the original Jigsaw killer.

Other unconfirmed, still rumored cast members include Keith Callum Rennie, Matt Passmore, Mandela Van Peebles, Lauren Beatty, Shaquan Lewis, James Gomez and Brittany Allen.

I have no doubt we will learn more regarding the cast whenever Lionsgate makes the official announcement about the film. However, it has been said that Costas Mandylor will not be reprising the role of Detective Mark Hoffman, and Cary Elwes will not return as Dr. Lawrence Gordon.

'Jigsaw' Theories

There are quite a few theories floating around the internet in regards to what the story of Jigsaw might entail. If you can believe what the internet has to say, the film apparently will take place 10 years after the events of Saw 3D: The Final Chapter and will feature yet another new Jigsaw killer/apprentice.

Given that information, I would assume that we will somehow learn the fates of both Detective Hoffman and Dr. Gordon because of the way The Final Chapter ended. It would be difficult to start a brand new game with yet another apprentice without learning what happened to Hoffman after Dr. Gordon locked him in the bathroom. Not only that, but we need to find out what happened to Dr. Gordon and his two apprentices, Brad and Ryan.

If the writers are looking to tie in another new apprentice with previous Jigsaw survivors, there aren't too many options. Two of the top fan favorites to return would be Daniel Matthews (Erik Knudsen) or Diana Gordon (Makenzie Vega), as we never learned what happened to their characters after they survived their games. Diana is a direct link to Dr. Gordon (who became the main apprentice), while Daniel was related to Detective Matthews — a direct enemy of former Jigsaw apprentice, Amanda Young.

Bringing one (or both) of them back for another run in the Saw franchise would be an interesting twist and would serve as a nice way to make the new movie relevant to the existing franchise.

Watch 'Jigsaw' Online

[Credit: Lionsgate / Twisted Pictures]
[Credit: Lionsgate / Twisted Pictures]

Obviously Jigsaw isn't available to watch online yet as it hasn't even been released in theaters. However, there are some similar options available to stream in the meantime if you're looking for some horror in your life, or simply want to get back in the mindset in preparation for the return of Saw.

Streaming via Amazon Prime as of June 2017:

  • The Witch (2016)
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
  • Cabin Fever (2003)
  • The Bay (2012)

Streaming via Netflix as of June 2017:

  • The Craft (1996)
  • Sinister (2012)
  • The Sixth Sense (1999)
  • Would You Rather (2013)

Streaming via Hulu as of June 2017:

  • Saw (2004)
  • Saw II (2005)
  • Saw III (2006)
  • Saw IV (2007)
  • Saw V (2008)
  • Saw VI (2009)
  • Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010)

Also don't forget that all seven Saw films are available for rent or purchase on iTunes and Amazon!


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