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Brian Salisbury

We were wrong. We allowed ourselves to believe that the Saw franchise was dead. Why didn't we learn a lesson from the series' principal villain? If the franchise could outlive Jigsaw by four films, how could we fool ourselves into thinking it was over just because the most recent film had "Final Chapter" in the title?

Bloody Disgusting has just broken that Lionsgate is "incredibly active in developing an eighth Saw." They have no director, and it seems no script, but it would appear that a whole new set of traps are being lain for theater-going audiences.

Do we need a Saw VIII? Probably not. However, as many horror pundits have illustrated, Jigsaw and his minions--their traps and machinations--were the latest in a line of neo-Universal Monsters. Those guys, classic or contemporary, are hard to kill when they make money consistently. Another Saw would tie Jigsaw's game with Freddy's, place it two ahead of Chucky's, and still a few shy of Jason's. Remakes notwithstanding.

It's going to be entirely a matter for the right screenplay to reinvigorate the series.

Can this thing work?


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