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It's funny how news outlets sometimes slip in a huge eye-opener at the end of a report and act like it's nothing. A perfect example of this happened to me when I was reading about dropping out of Focus due to issues with the age difference between her and . At the end of the report from The Hollywood Reporter, there was this:

The studio has courted him [Will Smith] on several projects, including on an adaptation of DC Comics’ anti-hero space bounty hunter comic, Lobo.

And I choked on my coffee.

First of all, Lobo hadn't been on my mind for quite some time. I tried to forget about him when The Rock killed my dreams. Secondly, I tried to imagine Will Smith as the Ultimate Bastich and it just wasn't happening. He's described as an "ultra-violent motorcycle-riding inter-galactic bounty hunter". Honestly, that's the last thing I see Smith as being. Sure, the erstwhile Fresh Prince of Bel Air can be badass. But in this fangirl's mind, Lobo he is definitely not. Maybe [Luke Cage]( at a stretch. But even then, he's just too obviously emotionally engaged, too heart-on-his-sleeve to play such an out-and-out beserker like Lobo. Even when he's kicking ass, I'm waiting for that moment when the camera focuses on his eyes and they soften a little and fairly glow with empathy. Hey, the man has a heart. Lobo doesn't, per se. Well, not in that way.

was publicly in talks to play the raging hunter. (Maybe that's where he got the "hunter of men" shtick?) It's probably because I don't take his emotions in films seriously, that his realistic potential to portray a character that is pure id was very serious for me. Well, that and simple body mass.

Sadly, guess I don't have much to worry about. The Lobo project has been in purgatory for a while, and as time passes it's getting less likely that DC will get its act together and realize that Lobo needs to be on screen. Like, yesterday. Especially if they want to give the Marvel Cinematic Universe a run for its money.

Could you imagine Will Smith as Lobo? Let me know why you can. Or can't, for that matter.


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