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Melissa Molina

Every year there's a whole new batch of up-and-coming actors who make their feature film debut, but most of them don't make a monstrous impression. There are also those who have continually produced great work for years but never got the recognition they deserved. Then, there are the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Virtuoso, an award event that acknowledges a variety of outstanding actors who may not be in the spotlight this Oscar season, but have done outstanding work this past year in their respective genres.

Although it was mighty chilly in Santa Barbara, all of the Virtuosos made their way onto the red carpet, beaming with happy to talk about their work. Before they made the big walk, I had an opportunity to speak to a few stars who were being recognized for their contributions to film this last year.

I conversed with who plays the fast food manager caught up in an elaborate hoax in the complicated, difficult to get through (for a variety of reasons) Compliance. But, she wasn't the only rising star who crossed our path. We also talked with The Perks of Being a Wallflower actor and everybody's latest celebrity crush, Les Miserables actor . even took a couple of minutes to speak with us about the success of his award winning, wildly creative independent film, Beasts of the Southern Wild, up for several nominations at this year's Academy Awards.


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