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Think you look a little bit like Scarlett Johansson? Then you might score a night out partying with Marvel's Black Widow herself. At least that's what happened for one lucky grandma when her grandson posted a picture of her on Reddit. Denver Joel Dodd (denverjoel on the Reddit forum) showed off one his grandmother's pictures from when she was in her 20s and noticed that she had an uncanny resemblance to .

Is Scarlett Johansson A Time Traveler?

Grandmother looks like Scarlett Johansson [Credit: denverjoel]
Grandmother looks like Scarlett Johansson [Credit: denverjoel]

Looking at the photo, at almost seems like Scarlett Johansson strapped herself inside a time machine and traveled back to the '60s to slam down a few drinks. Instead, the photo is of Dodd's grandma, Geraldine, who was 22 at the time, posing with her husband in Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Geraldine even admitted she was "drunk as a skunk" at the time the photo was taken. Dodd told the Global News:

"[My grandma] remembers going there to see Conway Twitty and having a blast with my grandpa."

Usually these types of photos from our pasts get us into all sorts of trouble. Luckily for Geraldine, Scarlett Johansson thought it was fantastic.

Scarlett Johansson Wants To Get Drunk With Grandma

Even Scarlett Johansson was stunned when she saw the photo of Geraldine Dodd. She was so struck by their uncanny resemblance that she made a video inviting Geraldine to the premiere of her upcoming comedy, .

The video, which Denver Dodd posted on his YouTube channel, shows the actress commenting on how she is getting bombarded with messages about how she looks just like the young Geraldine. She also mentioned that she wants to see her "drunk face." But that's not all. The actress even offered the boozy grandma a chance to hang out with her at the premiere of her next movie.

According to Denver Dodd, it sounds like his grandmother is willing to kick her liver into high gear:

([Source: ma said in our group chat, 'I'm not going to be square, I'm going to drink with her see if I can drink her under the table...she has got to remember and take it easy on me, I'm 40 years older than her.' She is definitely going to taker her up on her offer.[

Who knew a picture taken in her 20s would give one grandmother the chance of a lifetime to party with an A-List actor half a century later?

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