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Mark Newton

Scarlett Johansson might be a A-grade Hollywood superstar, but that doesn't mean she's not willing to appear in smaller, indie fare.

In upcoming sci-fi-horror, Under The Skin, appears as an alien seductress who stalks the Scottish Highlands. We've already seen her mysterious (and rather terrifying) presence in an arty, convulsive trailer, but now we've got a new starry poster and a more revealing trailer to go with it. Check them out below:


Impressed by the trailer? Well, the movie itself has been doing a good job of impressing film festival critics the world over. So far it's received nearly unanimously positive reviews, many citing the unusual story and Johansson's performance in particular.

Under The Skin is due to debut in the US on April 4th, which incidentally is the same day Johansson can be seen in the rather less arty, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (it's also my mum's birthday for anyone who's interested...)

What do you think? Are you interested to see Johansson in a new interesting role? Let us know below.


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