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A Serial Murderer Roams Prague

Scars Of Xavier is German newcomer director Kai E. Bogatzki’s debut feature, produced by Sascha S. Goldbach of itWaits Films. His previous work includes editing various horror productions, most recently the remake of Blood Feast. Besides playing the role of director and editor, Bogatzki was also involved in writing the screenplay of the new feature.


Xavier (Marc Engel) lives an apparently uneventful life on the fringes of Prague’s society. The introverted man in his mid-forties spends his days drying cars in “Dahmer’s Myci linka Servis,” keeping to himself and avoiding the limelight. At night is however when his true colors reveal themselves as a brutal serial killer, picking up young women and brutally murdering them, his deeds not seeming to follow any predetermined pattern. Anyone and everyone could be his next victim. One day he meets Karolina (Alexia Von Wismar), a barmaid. He feels strangely attracted to her, although at the same time she stirs within him the desire to kill, more strongly than anyone else ever before…

Making A Monster

Scars Of Xavier promises to be an exciting, suspense-packed and enthralling psycho-thriller, encompassing horror and drama elements — a cocktail relatively unknown from other German independent film productions.

Having already edited several independent films and produced music videos and short films, it was not a question of if — but rather when — Bogatzki would commence work on his own first full-length feature. Bogatzki confesses to having a long-held interest in serial killings and murderers, including Jeffrey Dahmer, making it only evident that Scars Of Xavier would be a story about a brutal serial murderer.

In addition to the dark and morbid atmosphere, SFX-Mastermind Philipp Rathgeber has lent his hand in the many skillfully implemented blood effects that complete the picture. Of course, the main focus lies in the definition of Xavier as the main protagonist. Xavier’s every movement, step and deed is followed and experienced by the audience.

"The only God you'll ever meet is ME" - Xavier
"The only God you'll ever meet is ME" - Xavier

Setting The Stage

Eighty percent of the filming took place in Germany. One of the more significant tasks for the production team was to create the illusion that the feature takes place in Prague. To this end, an apartment was rented and furnished for Xavier, Czech license plates and work clothing fashioned and many more details had to be taken into account.

Xavier plays with his toys.
Xavier plays with his toys.

Marc Engel prepared himself for the role of Xavier months before the shooting started by losing 20 pounds and writing a serial killer diary. He also taught himself little knife tricks and how to write with his left hand, even though he is right handed. Shortly before shooting started, he also lived in Xavier's apartment to isolate himself from family and friends to "transform" into Xavier, an introverted killer.

Scars Of Xavier doesn't yet have a release date, but visit their Facebook page for updates.

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