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Tino Jochimsen

In an age when other people are content to lay back and watch their grandchildren play, is busier than ever, prepping projects left and right, working in every genre imaginable.

After finishing post production on The Wolf of Wall Street, the Academy Award winning fimmaker will directing a documentery or two (amongst them his Bill Clinton Biopic), and then tackle one of numerous fiction projects on his list, one that got just one film shorter, apparently.

According to the Norwegian newspaper Afterposten (via Indiewire’s The Playlist), the director won’t be able to helm The Snowman, a thriller based on Jo Nesbø's eponymous novel. The bestelling book revolves around a detective hunting Norway's first official serial killer.

The search for a replacement for Scrosese seems to have already begun, albeit with negative results, as both (Contraband) and , who directed an adaptation of Nesbø's novel Headhunters, declined to direct the thriller.

Nesbø seems to still be hopeful though, that Scorsese will somehow fir the film into his schedule: "We hoped, and still hope, that we could cut into the queue."

Before being able to possibly do so however, the director will (hopefully) finally make his long-gestating jesuit drama, Silence.


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