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We spend so much time being bathed in the glorious light of celebrities that we often feel like we know them. While this feeling might be solely based on candid Instagrams and pure delusion, some lucky souls out there got to know the stars before they reached lofty heights; peeking at their true selves before they were famous.

Below are some accounts from people who went to school with a celeb (or know a friend of a friend who did) and — although they should be taken with a liberal pinch of salt —they make for pretty interesting reading:

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has never been afraid to express herself through unusual mediums such as vials of blood or snogging your brother, so it's not surprising to know she was exactly the same when she was a rebellious teenager.

2. Brad Pitt

Does this look like a guy who draws a turd in a high school year book? Yes, yes it does.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

To all the haters out there who brand Jennifer Lawrence as a fake, because no celebrity is capable of being friendly and fun — her high school classmates testimony (probably) doesn't lie.

4. Emma Watson

In other news, a friend of a friend went to Brown with Watson and apparently she isn't a fan of people shouting "one point to Gryffindor" when she speaks up in class. Who knew!

5. Will Ferrell

Is it really any suprise that Will Ferrell has always been the class clown?

6. Miley Cyrus

Who would have known that a young Miley Cyrus was once so beige and normal that the thought of her landing her own TV show seemed absolutely ludicrious.

7. Liam Hemsworth

To be fair, you can almost tell by looking that Liam's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. At least he's nice though, eh?

8. Taylor Swift

High school can't be easy when you're a public figure. As if it's not hard enough to know who your friends are in the insane cesspit of hormonal drama as it is!

9. Justin Bieber

Well, at least people aren't making fun of him for being short these days. Swings and roundabouts.

10. Anne Hathaway

People just can't stop gulping down the hateraid and spitting it back out in Anne Hathaway's lovely face, but hopefully this glowing report from a former aquaintance is enough to make them all feel ashamed.

11. Johnny Depp

It's common knowledge to any Johnny Depp fan that his passion for music outshadows his love of acting, and it seems like this has always been the case.

12. Taylor Lautner

At least you were forced to dress like an idiot by a influential fashion label and not your weird conservative parents, eh Taylor?

13. Nicky Minaj

You can tell from Nicky's isatiable drive and intelligent rhymes that she was always the sort of 'gal who had here eye on the prize.

14. Christian Bale

Don't mince words then, babe.

15. Prince

Prince was clearly so quiet at school because it took years of silent meditation to transcend into the most fabulous being on the planet. The world will never be as sparkling again.

16. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has spoken out about being bullied at school, but according to this person, the shoe was sometimes on the other foot.

17. Chris Evans

Ummmm can someone give me Chris's brother's number please? I don't know how it is possible to surpass the fitness of those perfectly parted curtains, so I have to meet him.

18. Adam Sandler

How could a guy who looks like this be a bad kisser?!

19. Megan Fox

Who knew that Jennifer's Body was a documentary!

20. Chris Pratt

Admit it, you were kind of hoping they were going to say he was a bit of a cock, weren't you? Nope, seems like there really are people as nice as Chris Pratt out there to thaw our cold, dead hearts.

21. Alec Baldwin

Alex Baldwin egotistical? Never!

22. Johnny Knoxville

The teachers should probably count their blessings that he wasn't eating omelettes made of his own vomit or nailing his nuts to the wall tbh.

23. Jessica Simpson

Raise your hand if you found the candid account about creepy daddy Joe more illuminating...

24. Marilyn Manson

Anyone who has read Marilyn Manson's book can confirm that the bit about the answer machines is indeed true. Spooky.

Did you know a celebrity in high school? Share your stories with the world below and maybe we will make another post!


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