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has been easing himself back into action-man movie mode over the last few of months. After blowing stuff up in The Last Stand and preparing to team up with in Escape Plan, the former Governor is also planning to up the ante by returning to the franchises that made him a Hollywood demi-god: Terminator Genisys and The Legend of Conan (and a Twins sequel Triplets, but it might go away if we ignore it).

Arnie spoke to Metro to give an update on the projects:

There are three projects being written that involve me. One is Terminator 5, the other is a Conan movie that Universal is doing and there’s the sequel to Twins, which is called Triplets. We’ll all look quite different in that. The third triplet is Eddie Murphy, so figure that one out.

I'm stoked to see him back cracking skulls in both Terminator 5 and The Legend of Conan. Triplets? Not so much.

Which Schwarzenegger movie are you most excited about seeing?


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