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Matt Carter

is returning to his Mr. Universe roots after selling a bodybuilding TV show to Showtime. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will be called Pump and "traces the origin of the present-day fitness industry and culture of body worship to a single 1,000-square-foot concrete room on Pacific Avenue: a gym called Pump."

Schwarzenegger is on board to executive produce the show, from a script by Michael Konyves (Barney’s Version, The Last Knight) and if Pump makes it to series, the man formerly known as the Governator intends to make appearances.

Here's what executive producer Eric Tannenbaum had to say about the series:

We loved it, but I said the only way you can really tell this story is if we can get Arnold involved. The birth of the fitness/bodybuilding revolution can literally be traced back to the days when Arnold arrived in the U.S.

A show about Arnie lifting heavy things? I'm all in.

Are you pumped for Arnie's Pump?


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