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We are now into the Spring season and April kicks off with quite a number of new and returning sci-fi and fantasy shows. Below are the shows currently scheduled, with some more that could join the list as the season moves forward. You can see the full Spring schedule here.

Tuesday, April 4th

iZombie — Season 3 Premiere

  • Airs: The CW, 9 PM EST
  • About: This fan favorite series about a girl named Liv who is part zombie and who can see the memories of the recently deceased after eating their brains returns for its third season. This year, Liv learns that there are more of the undead living in her city than she thought and she will have to try and stop and all-out zombie-human war.

Dimension 404 — Series Premiere

  • Airs: Hulu
  • About: This new sci-fi horror anthology series explores the dark side of technology (the title plays off the internet error message "HTTP 404 — The page cannot be found"). Mark Hamill will provide the voice of the narrator, and among the guest stars currently lined up are Patton Oswalt (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Lea Michele (Scream Queens) and Joel McHale (Community). The show's first season will have six episodes.

Friday, April 14th

Mystery Science Theater 3000 — Season 11 Premiere

  • Airs: Netflix
  • About: This is a reboot of the classic Z-movie riffing series that was funded by a Kickstarter campaign started by series creator Joel Hodgson. The upcoming season will have a new cast that will include Jonah Ray as the host along with Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt as the villains.

Saturday, April 15th

Doctor Who — Series 10 Premiere

  • Airs: BBC America, 9 PM EST
  • About: The Time Lord known as the Doctor continues his adventures through time and space. Peter Capaldi returns for his final season as the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor, and Pearl Mackie will come onboard as his new companion. There is a rumor that Billie Piper could stop by as Rose at some point in the season.

Class — Series Premiere

  • Airs: BBC America, 10 PM EST
  • About: This Doctor Who spin-off focuses on Coal Hill School as the students deal with frequent intrusions from space and time.

Sunday, April 16th

The Leftovers — Season 3 Premiere

  • Airs: HBO, 9 PM EST
  • About: The world has been forever changed by the Departure, when 140 million people (2 percent of the world's population) mysteriously disappeared. In this show's third and final season, it wraps up the story of those left behind and perhaps provides some answers about what happened.

Wednesday, April 26th

The Handmaid's Tale — Series Premiere

  • Airs: Hulu
  • About: This series is based on the book of the same name about a dystopian future where women are forced into a subservient state by the religious dictatorship that has taken over the United States.

Sunday, April 30th

American Gods Series Premiere

  • Airs: Starz, 9 PM EST
  • About: Based on the Neil Gaiman book of the same name, this series follows the gods of old who are living in America and have since grown, well, old and have lost much of their power because people no longer believe in them.

Also In April

  • Cinemax's Outcast, based on the comic book from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, returns for its second season. A premiere date has not been set yet.
  • ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns from hiatus on April 4th to wrap up its fourth season.
  • Fox's Gotham returns from hiatus on April 24th to wrap up its third season.

Which of these premieres are you most looking forward to seeing?

Be sure to keep up with the weekly listings of sci fi and fantasy shows here.


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