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Sarah Gibson

Playing as part of Toronto International Film Festival 2013's Midnight Madness program is ' 1980s-esque indie slasher flick Almost Human (no relation to the upcoming TV show of the same name), and we have the first trailer right here for you!

The opening credits logo tips a hat to old-school horror, which makes me think something special could be afoot! Check it out for yourself:

(via YouTube)

In the movie, Seth Hampton () is still haunted by the sight of his friend Mark () dissappearing in a flash of blue light two years ago. Now, a series of gruesome murders leads Seth to believe his old friend is back, carrying something evil inside him...

So that's pretty much the whole movie right there, which looks awesome nonetheless. Feels like its been a long time since we've seen a retro slasher like this. What do you think? Got a good feeling about this one?


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