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Ever wondered that would happen if Fight Club lost all of its charm and wit and then had some aliens throw into it?

Well, if for some bizarre reason you have wondered that, then you've basically just imagined Brutal, a new indie horror which claims it combines Fight Club with The Twilight Zone.

The movie features (Forbidden Kingdom, 47 Ronin) and Jeff Hatch and includes fight sequences designed by two of Hollywood's 'top stunt performers', Colin Follenweider (Avatar, X-Men) and Chris Torres (Letters from Iwo Jima).

So, what's all this about? Well check out the synopsis and trailer below:

Brutal centers on Trevor (Morgan Benoit), who is abducted at the age of fifteen by an unseen alien presence. Forced into nearly two decades of no-holds-barred fights against other abductees, Trevor evolves from an innocent boy into a brutal fighting machine.

Derek, (Jeff Hatch) an ambulance chasing lawyer, is the latest lab-rat abductee forced to fight Trevor. As they exchange increasingly violent beatings over the course of weeks and months, the brutality of their existence ironically begins to reveal the true nature of their humanity.

With elements of the paranormal juxtaposed with the most violent fight scenes you will ever see on screen, Brutal explores the animal aspect of human nature and our propensity to commit unthinkable acts against each other. Yet, it is through this prism of brutality that our capacity to love proves victorious even in the worst of circumstances.


So yeah, it's basically UFC.

What do you think? Something to watch out for, or one for the bin? Let us know below.


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