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Alisha Grauso

Deadline is reporting this little bit of movie news/foreshadowing: Paramount has acquired the rights to Ramez Naam's debut fiction novel, Nexus, with 's Protozoa company set to produce alongside the Disruption label of .

Naam, the former CEO of Apex Technology, had previously written the nonfiction More Than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement. His debut fictional tale revolves around one young scientist, set in a not-too-distant future in which he invents a nano-technology drug enables humans to link their minds together. He becomes a pawn in a international political game as both government and private sectors fight to control the new technology for their own gain.

and are currently in talks to adapt the novel. Considering their intimate involvement in Aronofsky films in the past, it's almost certain this will happen. Handel wrote Aronofsky's upcoming epic Noah and worked on the script for The Fountain. Heyman, meanwhile, cowrote Black Swan and helped co-produce The Wrestler. Parent is also part of Aronofsky's production team, so I think its safe to say this is going to be his next project. Though, it is Aronofsky', so we could easily hear of him being attached to five different projects before Nexus even gets off the ground.


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