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It is all over — eight hours down and you are already craving for more Demogorgon and '80s action. Our next installment has been announced in the form of a second series, but the wait until 2017 feels as if it's another lifetime away. We all know the empty feeling when our favorite show ends and we try and fill the hole left in our sci-fi-loving lives with another. To try and ease the pain, here are five recommendations to get you through the coming months.

1. Between

Between, which was released last year also as a Netflix original show, follows the inhabitants of Pretty Lake as it is overcome by a disease that kills everyone over 21 years old. The remaining residents are left to fend for themselves, and find a way to return to normality as the government quarantines the town. With an original concept and fresh-faced cast, this show is highly underrated! Check out the trailer below:

2. The Returned

Another group trying to return to normalcy are the residents of a small mountain community after its former inhabitants miraculously reappear — people that had been dead for several years. Although it first aired quite a few years ago, The Returned, with its puzzling storyline and eerie setting, is one of the best shows on Netflix to discover or revisit. The Other Side has to be nearby to The Upside Down in the alternate universe, right? With a US and French adaptation, you can take your pick for your dose of the unexplainable. Both are available on Netflix now.

3. Sense 8

Another Netflix original, Sense 8 stunned audiences upon its release. Eight people suddenly discover they share visions and are connected via telepathy — despite not knowing of each other's existence or that of the people hunting them. You definitely need to see this if you haven't already. Check out the trailer below:

4. Cleverman

Although relatively new to UK television, Cleverman has already gained an international audience in the US and Australia. Derived from Aboriginal mythology, this drama follows the chosen one (known as the Cleverman) as he attempts to keep the peace between humans and harmless creatures known as The Hairypeople. Yes, perhaps the storyline is little more improbable compared to my other choices, but it is worth a watch. Catch it on BBC iPlayer now.

5. Extant

Molly (played by Halle Berry) returns back home from a 13-month long space mission to discover she is pregnant. Piecing together vivid hallucinations and the truth, she attempts to find out what happened — and to find out why she now has an unshakable feeling that her family has changed. You can embark on your sci-fi fix on Prime Video or recap on the first episode here.

With several months until we hear the eerie, yet nostalgic, synth of the Stranger Things opening titles gracing us with Season 2, I hope these recommendations can somewhat satisfy your sci-fi side. If you are still feeling lost (and let's face it — who isn't after that finale!) have a read of my previous post for five things you should watch this week.

Ever wonder how the VFX team on Stranger Things brought The Upside Down to life? Check it out in the video below:

What is your favorite sci-fi show? Do you have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

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