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Karly Rayner

Kate Upton has taken her norks where few have boldly gone before! Those intergalactic gazungas look so gigantic that I'm shocked they don't have their very own moon.

I can't get enough of those videos of how things work in space so this might be a weird comment, but is anyone else mystified by her perfectly primped hair being quite so domesticated? I guess a goddess like Upton's locks never go feral.


If for some strange reason floating, water droplet spattered fubgas aren't your thing there is plenty more to entertain you with this photo shoot!

I am sure floating around in space like the little mermaid gone wild takes some mastering, can you imagine how hilarious the outtake photos would be? I'm imagining something like those Beyonce pics combined with some full face plants.

That being said, I am sure Kate could make colliding with a wall look like the sexiest thing on earth. Hell, I bet this smokin' babe could model tapeworms.

Do all your earthlings fall down in awe before Kate's giant space stations?

(Source: Io9 via Sports Illustrated)



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