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Brian Salisbury

Among the many, many things on my bucket list is to attend one of any number of great international film festivals. This year's lineup is representative of why The Berlin Film Fest is definitely one of the favored contenders. I mean, Snowpiercer, Grand Budapest Hotel, and the new flick? That's amazing as it is, but according to THR, there's plenty more where that came from.

It was recently announced that 's latest documentary, an as-yet-untitled piece centering on the history of the New York Review of Books, will be playing the fest. Also announced today was the festival's inclusion of first two episodes of House of Cards Season 2.

Here's how much I love Martin Scorsese, I have no exposure to the New York Review of Books and yet I desperately want to see this documentary. It doesn't hurt that I just saw a 35mm print of his King of Comedy, a movie he himself says he probably shouldn't have made, and thoroughly loved it. Plus, you know, Scorsese AND House of Cards?! Where do I pick up my plane ticket to Berlin?

What do you guys think?


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