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Apparently, star of Martin Scorsese's upcoming stock-broking black comedy The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio has been slammed by animal-rights group PETA, who say he "should know better" than to work with ape actors.

The movie's early scenes depict crazy parties in the office of protagonist Jordan Belfort's Long Island home, which features a chimpanzee in a suit roller-skating through the crowd. The true-to-life biopic of the 90s Wall Street broker has come under fire from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for its use of the chimp, claiming "that chimpanzees are abused and taken from their mothers at an early age before being forced into Hollywood."

Tell me if you think this is cute:

Danny Porush, the real-life investment banker who is portrayed in the flick, said that the chimpanzee was added for the movie and never actually happened during his time with Jordan Belfort:

There were no animals in the office...I would also never abuse an animal in any way.

He did, however, admit to hiring "little people" for his parties and there have been rumors of a "dwarf-tossing" competition, too. No animal abuse, just human humiliation, I guess. So that makes it all ok.

What do you think of the whole affair? Is Scorsese in the wrong for hiring chimp actors? Should DiCaprio have refused to work with a script which exploits animals? Or are you more concerned about the dwarf-tossing?

(Source: PETA, The Independent)



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