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Thelma Schoonmaker, editor of the new Scorsese flick The Wolf Of Wall Street revealed last month that the idea of releasing a '2-part, 4-hour version' was discussed, though it probably won't be realized.

Scorsese has mentioned- in jest- that fragments of the longer cut could see surface whilst chatting to Gold Derby, however he shrugs the scenes off as a necessary part of the 'film-making process'.

commented (via Indiewire):

Well, I think there are some scenes we could make available, so to speak. Quite honestly, the four-hour version was just the first cut. I mean, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore...that was a three-hour, fifteen minute cut, the first cut, [but] the film is an hour and forty five. So it's part of a film-making process. I don't think there's any major scene that I dropped. We did do some wonderful improvisations and some very funny moments we had to whittle down so to speak, and I do miss a few of those.

The fundamental difference between the 3 and 4-hour versions are:

Rhythm. "But invariably, what happened from the four hour to the three hour version, is that finally I got the pace I wanted to. I finally pushed and pushed and pushed and put the energy straight through the picture, and so it made it tighter.

Check out this interview provided by Indiewire which features a 12-minute conversation with:

Scorsese, , , and , writer Terrence Winter, costume designer Sandy Powell and casting director Ellen Lewis.


Would you like to see a semblance of culled scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street?

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