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Clint Eastwood's boy is all grown up, and he's finding his own way through Hollywood.

has made it clear that his path in Hollywood is one that has largely been his to walk, and while his famous father may have directed him in movies like Flags Of Our Fathers, Gran Torino, Trouble with the Curve and Invictus, Clint never gave his son a call back for a role in American Sniper, something which the junior Eastwood said was typical of his father's style as a director. Just because he was the son of one of the acting greats of the 20th century, things had never been handed to him career-wise.

"It’s like any other line of work," Eastwood told the Irish Times. "It’s all built on reputation and on your work ethic. There are a ton of talented people out there. But they are too hard to work with. Or they are a pain in the ass. Or they just don’t have the drive or dedication. It doesn’t matter who you are — it doesn’t mean they are going to be putting you in movies. You can’t just show up.”

That meant that Scott's father wanted his son to work through the lean times and fight his way to success. As such, Eastwood spent his time tending bar and attending auditions in Los Angeles, using his mother's maiden name — Reeves — so that he could see that he could actually make it without the influence of his father's name.

His Fate of the Furious role as Little Nobody, the rookie to Kurt Russell's more seasoned federal agent Mr. Nobody, was discussed by some pundits as a bit of a replacement for the late Paul Walker, which Eastwood denies. He and Walker, who met during the filming of Flags Of Our Fathers, had become close friends, and Eastwood saw the opportunity to appear in the Fast and the Furious series as a way of maintaining that closeness to someone he saw as his big brother. While filming the movie without Walker was difficult for many involved, there were also uplifting days filled with laughter as the cast banded together and shared memories.

"There were days when it was hard, it would hit you like a ton of bricks — 'where did that even come from?' — and then there were days when everyone was singing and laughing and telling stories about Paul, and that made everyone happy because it’s a great way to continue his legacy," Eastwood told

Reviews for Fate of the Furious have been positive. As for Eastwood, reviewers are saying that his Little Nobody character becomes increasingly more likable, and it would seem that fans are looking forward to seeing more from the actor.

Eastwood admitted to that while the cast and crew initially gave him some "healthy hazing," the group brought him in, as though he were already part of the Fast And The Furious family. "They really welcomed me with open arms, and that was really nice that spoke volumes about their character as human beings," he said.

The Fate Of The Furious opens April 14. Are you seeing it this weekend? What's your favorite Scott Eastwood movie? Tell us in the comments below!

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