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(WARNING: Major spoilers for Scream Queens below)

No, Dean Munsch isn't dead — yet!

My lovely friends, it has come the sad day when we have to say goodbye to one of the most iconic characters ever seen in a horror TV show:

Denise Hemphill

She tragically passed away on Episode 4 of Season 2

From the first time I saw her, I knew she had a bright future ahead. We all can't deny we laughed a lot through her journey from Security Enforcement Solutions, a brief relationship with Chad Radwell, and her return after spending months in Quantico ("now in its thrilling Season 2!") to become an FBI agent.

So let's take a minute of silence and remember some of her journey on Scream Queens:

1. Her Security System Was Simple And Easy

It's hard to forget the first time Denise appeared on the show. She was called by Gigi (a.k.a. one of the killers last season) to protect Kappa Kappa Tau. Her methods might seem a little bit odd, but they were efficient enough for her to make through Season 1 alive.

"If there is a killer on this campus, Denise Hemphill's gonna make damn sure that everybody at Kappa house is safe and sound until that killer is brought to justice."

2. She Was Always One Step Ahead

Even before everyone else finds out that Chanel No. 2 (Ariana Grande) was dead, Denise already had an idea of the gone girl's fate. It lead them to a trip to a nearby neighborhood to meet No. 2's parents.

3. She Knew Better

Remember that time when Shondell was found dead in their vehicle and then Denise dropped her out of the car? I bet you could still laugh at that.

Denise always knew when it was time to get the hell out of dangerous places. She showed she was even smarter when Chanel No. 1 was attacked in her bedroom and the other kappas wanted to go upstairs to catch the killer. Hemphill tried to make them think twice:

"Go where? You just said that the killer is up there and that's where you wanna go?!"

4. Her Lines Were Gold

"Excuse me for a second while I drop the mic."

The line above is probably something you could use in your everyday speech after winning an argument (or after solving a murder mystery). Whatever you say, it's always important to state that you just dropped the mic.

5. She Always Did Her Homework

Whatever the topic of discussion, Denise had always proper experience and worthwhile advice. Even if you're heading to a haunted house, she probably had already got all the intel from some library newspapers.

So if you think you know enough about something, sit down and wait for mamma Denise to tell you what you don't know, because that's the job of a REAL employee from Security Enforcement Solutions.

6. She Was Confident

From all we've seen on Scream Queens to date, I think almost all of the characters have something to teach us, even though most of the time it isn't clear. I believe Ms. Hemphill's confidence was biggest part of her character — all that energy and sassiness, making us laugh out loud every week.

She never really cared of how people treated her. She never missed a joke. Denise helped when no one would ever help her. That's why I like her so much.

Goodbye, Denise

If there's one thing that's sure, it's that Scream Queens will never be the same after Denise Hemphill (and neither will we). Her character will be in our memories as long as we want to laugh and must be remembered as one of the best characters in a horror/comedy series. Meanwhile, we hope to see more of Niecy Nash on television.

We'll miss you, Denise.

If you haven't caught up on Scream Queens Season 2, here are some of the things to look forward to this season:

Scream Queens airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on FOX.

What has been your favorite moment in Scream Queens this season?


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