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Brian Salisbury

Make no mistake, biblical thrillers and biblical horror flicks are huge right now. There were two demon possession found footage movies released in January alone. That's why I'm not terribly shocked at the news that Fox has purchased the script for a biblical thriller called The Unseen. According to THR, the script was penned by (The New Daughter) and is based on the short story Mr. Pettinger's Daemon by . The story if from a collection of Connolly's work entitled The Nocturnes.

Evidently, the plot revolves around a hospital cleric whose patient, also a man of the cloth, is being attacked by a dark force described in The Good Book. The evil is apparently residing below the church and is trying to escape.

What I like about that plot is that it almost seems like it is incorporating elements from 's Prince of Darkness, which while I agree is not his best film, I do maintain is among his very scariest. Perhaps I'm reading too much into the synopsis, but having unfortunately not read The Nocturnes, I have little else to go on.

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