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Upcoming fantasy novel-turned-film The Seventh Son is an interesting project. By rights, it should do hugely well in theaters: It's based on a wildly popular novel series (The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney), the cast is stellar, comprised of The Dude himself, , and in a villainous turn, along with young, talented stars in former Prince Caspian , Game of Thrones' , and from this summer's Man of Steel. The costumes and set pieces have been lavish and incredible, and yet, somehow, the film hasn't really generated a lot of buzz.

But the Seventh Son panel, part of the larger Legendary Pictures panel at Comic-Con may have changed all that. The cast was extremely passionate about the film, going on at length about the amazing creatures and how much fun it was to shoot, along with delving more deeply into their characters, which director says is the most important element of the film.

They also brought along an extended preview, which expanded upon the already huge scope of the film, which appears to be striking a tone between the grit and rawness of Game of Throne and the gorgeous fantasy of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films.

Here's the full panel, including a fun bit where a deadpan Barnes momentarily convinces host Chris Hardwick he'd never heard of Bridges prior to signing on for the film, Harington describing being yanked around on wires, and Ben Barnes again explaining that his experience with swordfighting is nothing like having to climb a metal chain ten stories up.


And as a refresher, here's the action-packed and gorgeous first trailer:


I'm always up for a great fantasy film, and this looks like it hits all the right notes. Seventh Son will be released this January 14th.

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