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And you're frightened of your in-laws!?

When the news landed that was actually dating Dylan Penn, daughter of and , the first thought that crossed my mind was that RPattz better not piss off her pops. Two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn is known for losing his temper, and imagine how protective he is of his little girl!?

The couple (I'm rallying for "PattinPenn") have been spotted cosying up with each other recently, after the Twilight hunk broke up with earlier this year because he was unable to get over her fling with married director last July.

But despite things heating up for Rob and Dylan, there's at least one person who - predictably - isn't exactly happy about it! According to a source close to Metro:

Rob and Dylan get on well and really fancy one another. It's obvious Dylan is smitten... But Sean had a chat with Rob recently. Sean knows what it's like to be a young, successful actor and the beautiful women that come with it.

Indeed, Sean has been linked to such sexy ladies as Madonna, , and model . And since Sean knows he isn't the picture of perfection himself (I guess at some point, everybody in Hollywood just decided to forget that he was once an abusive husband), he wants to make sure Rob doesn't end up like him:

Sean gave his piece about not getting too heavy with his daughter if he's playing the field, as he doesn't want to see her hurt.

Huh. I've never had Rob down as a bad boy in love, but in the aftermath of his long-term relationship with KStew and his willingness to play the field for a while, perhaps he could do with a little dressing down from a potentially very angry in-law. What do you think about Rob and Dylan's blossoming relationship? Is it the real deal or just a fling? Let me know what you think in the comments below, guys!



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